Sunday, August 21, 2011

Humbled and celebrating

When we needed help quickly, in order to cross the next threshold in our China adoption, so many friends rushed to spread the word. Old and new friends along with people we had never met sent in money. In fact, the person who won the iPad was a complete stranger to us, until now.

The support we received was overwhelming. It wasn't just the donations that put us so much closer to our little ladybug. It was also the endless words of encouragement and belief. It was as if God just wrapped us up in this enormous hug. The love that has been shown to us has been so amazing and incredible.

Thank you for every prayer and kind thought you've expressed. Thank you for telling others about our journey. Thank you for every dollar you sacrificed to bring our daughter home.

Shortly after sending our immigration paperwork to the U.S. government, we were able to celebrate friends who are about to bring home their son from Ethiopia...we were able to celebrate the news of family and friends who are now expecting biological children...we were able to celebrate God's sovereignty over all of our lives.

No matter how many starts and stops, no matter the long periods in the "waiting room", no matter the doubt and worry that threatens to steal our joy, we're humbled by the community of loving people who surround us. We're all in this together, and He's placed us in the good care of one another.

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