Saturday, August 6, 2011

We're giving away a brand-new iPad 2! For realz!

We're excited and blessed with the news that our adoption agency has approved our home-study. This brings us one leap closer to our daughter in China. Now, we're faced with a new challenge: raising over $3,500 in the next couple of weeks in order to file our immigration paperwork and lock in our dossier. (We are now at 72% towards this goal!)

With this gulp-tastic deadline standing in our way, we were stunned with gratitude yesterday when some generous friends handed us a brand-new Apple iPad 2, 16 GB WiFi edition. Would you like to take it home? That's right. We're giving it away!

Here's how it works: We have a PayPal Donate button on the left-hand side of our blog. Beginning 8/6 if you:

Donate $10 then you get one chance.

Donate $25 then you get three chances.

After you've donated to our China adoption journey, you can take these actions for one additional chance.

1. Repost this on your blog or on your Facebook.

2. Tweet or email a link to this blog post to your friends.

(Don't forget to let us know you've earned the extra chance!)

The fine print disclaimer: In order for this FUNdraiser to happen we must raise at least $1,000 for the giveaway to be ON! (We reached this threshold on Tuesday night, 8/10!)

We will tally chances for donations received until 12:00 a.m. EST on Sunday 8/14 and we'll announce the winner here on the blog at 6:00 p.m. EST. Stay tuned!

This is NOT a r-a-f-f-l-e, please do not mention anywhere that it is.

Thank you for helping us beat this deadline, getting us that much closer to our daughter.



  1. I posted on FB and on my blog! Plus donated!! I really want to win this!!! :) Oh yeah and help you guys out too!! ;)

  2. You guys! I don't want my money back. Please keep it towards your adoption fund, regardless of the iPad giveaway results. xoxo!!

  3. Donated and reposted on Facebook. Love you guys! - The Shaw Family

  4. Donated and posted on Facebook! If you don't reach your reserve please keep our donation to go toward the adoption!

  5. Yup, I'm with everyone else, I dont want my money back! Jax would love an iPad :)

  6. Can't wait to see how you do! Donated for three chances!<3 you guys-Sarah

  7. Gave on Paypal and posted on FB. Hope all goes well and your daughter is with you soon.

    Much love,

    Glenda Datsko

  8. I am so excited for you guys!!!! Just donated for 3 chances and FB!!! Heading to tweet now!

  9. Thanks so much, everybody!! I've added all the extra chances for reposting. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
    You all are truly amazing.

  10. Just donated via paypal and also posted it on my fb. 4 chances! Hoping 4 is my lucky number. =)

    --Steph Gerards

  11. We donated, and posted on FB!!!
    Megan B

  12. Donated on Paypal, posted on FB, and e-mailed your link to friends!

    Praying for your journey!

  13. Hi guys! I donated, posted on FB and tweeted.