Thursday, January 31, 2013

To all the friends who are holding us up right now: Thank you.

Ouch.  One month ago today, we brought our last payment into the adoption agency, thanks to several generous, praying friends (near and far) and we breathed a sigh of relief.  As we've waited for the court date to finalize Cupcake's adoption, we've been busily planning her first birthday.  Today, we received GREAT news: we have a date...and it's next week!  Wow!  Then, moments later: the bad news.  We still have $2,500 to pay the adoption attorney in order to keep the court date..  Our hearts fell through the floor.

Devastated.  In our own power, we don't have a way to make that happen.

Many of you reading this have spent this afternoon and evening praying for us and thinking of ways to help us make it to the finish line we thought we crossed last month.  You lifted up our hearts and filled them with hope.

One of you amazing amigos offered to buy a new Kindle for us to raffle!  Humbling.

Starting now, through Monday or when we reach $2,500 (whichever comes first) if you will donate $25 to our Cupcake's adoption fund, you will have your name placed in the hat with a chance to take home either a brand new KINDLE FIRE or a brand new KINDLE TOUCH (your choice!) along with a case, of course!  My little sister is the mathematician, not me; but I can tell you that we need 100 people to participate in this raffle.  :)  

Please, participate if you are willing and able.  Gracias!

If you can't, we understand; but still: please, please, please spread the word and this link to your friends / blogs / facebook walls / twitter feeds / email lists / etc.  Thank you!

We just can't do this alone.  Thankfully, we are not alone.

Thanks for being with us, even to the end.

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