Thursday, December 27, 2012

Please and Thank You (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!)

I don't want to steal my bride's thunder, so I won't post about the wonderful holiday festivities we shared with the kids, friends and family.  Libby has a lovely post brewing...

But, I did need to jot an urgent blog to all of you amigos!  

Today, we found out that we are only $1,500 {Edited @ Sat. 12/29/12, 8:37 p.m. EST - We are 99.9% certain that it is now entirely raised! Thank you for all your help and prayers!} away from finalizing our beautiful cupcake's adoption. This is a miracle, flowing directly from your prayers, support and encouragement.  The kicker is that we really need to get the remaining funds paid to the adoption agency by year's end.  Otherwise, the balance will rise by at least another thousand dollars.  So, we are doing a big fundraising push over the next 24-76 hours.

If you have already donated to cupcake's adoption (or purchased one of our fundraiser items), we're NOT asking you to give more. Instead, please share our blog and the story of our children with your friends.  By spreading the word over the next 24 hours, perhaps other friends and strangers who have a heart for adoption can participate in helping us close the gap.

If you've been considering making a donation (or a purchase), now would be the perfect time to act.  You can click on the PayPal link on the left-hand side of this blog, or click on the Books, Store or Coffee links above to take home a cool or tasty item while you help make cupcake's adoption complete and legal in the courts.

If money is tight for you and Christmas has taken its toll on the chances of any monetary donation,  don't give.  Instead, please pray that we'll continue to be shown favor this weekend. Spreading the word would be awesome too!

Whatever you can or can't do, please know that the next couple days are pretty critical for us.  We so appreciate that we're not alone in this and that you all have been and continue to be in our corner.  Thank you for the blessings and cards and generous kindness all of you amigos have shown our family.  We're confident that God is putting the pieces together and that the timing will be perfect.  He is sovereign. 

(J & cupcake's daddy)

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