Saturday, July 16, 2011

J is gonna be a brother!

Even as I type this, my heart is racing with equal parts excitement and terror. Well, as you can see, our blog has undergone a major makeover, thanks to Designs by Jenn who did a wonderful job and was lovely to work with. If your blog needs a makeover, I highly recommend Jenn!

I'm sure you have also noticed an Asian there a reason you ask? You betcha!! We are well into the process of our next adoption!! And Lord willing, we will be blessed with a daughter from the People's Republic of China!

We are now tightly strapped in for the thrilling roller coaster ride that is International Adoption. And my days have been filled with emotions ranging from sheer panic, joyful crying, anxiety attacks, massive frustration, and surprised relief. And I have come to acknowledge this: We are crazy and out of our minds. But we know that we know that we know this is the journey we are to take. Only God knows how this will play out. We are trusting in Him and His Sovereignty.

Please, Please, Please keep us in prayer as we need favor with government agencies, generous organizations giving adoption grants, and our community. We will be adopting a Special Needs child, so please pray for her and the care that she is currently receiving. God used our son's adoption to grow our faith in leaps and bounds. The way He provided the finances for J's adoption was nothing short of miraculous and now our faith has the opportunity to grow again. God is faithful. We are working and praying hard.

We have been so very blessed by the support of our family, friends, church community, and our ever-growing, large and mighty adoption community. Seriously, our little girl has so many people waiting to love on her----but the hubs and I are first in line!!!

"Little Ladybug, we can't wait to bring you home!!"



  1. Wooooohooo! I'm so excited for you, and thinking about you lots.

  2. Sooooo exciting!! I cant wait to see what God has planned! Praying!!

  3. Thank you for the "shout out" and I am so excited for you on your journey!! Will be praying right along side you!!! <3

  4. thanks, everyone! Jenn, I've been getting a lot of compliments on the new look, so thanks again!