Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grateful for all the goodness brewing...

Wow! This month has been filled to the brim with occasions to celebrate and rejoice. We have dear family and friends turning the calendar on another year. Our church hired a warm and gifted couple to lead the kids-youth ministries. Through facebook and twitter, we witnessed one family meet their son in Ethiopia and another adoptive family travel with their daughter to meet her biological family. This week, our adoption agency sent us a letter approving our home study. Next Sunday, we raise a mug to 12 years of marriage. Good times. has invited us to be a part of the work they're doing connecting generous hearts with Kingdom-building causes. We're honored and humbled to be associated with the No More Foundation. I love their battle cry: "No More! No More Hunger and Thirst, No More Orphans, No More Slavery, No More Walking Alone... not on our watch. We are the body of Christ, the HOPE of the world, and if God so loved the world... so should we!" If you're local, please join us for the NO MORE Launch Party on Sunday, July 31st from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Tampa Underground, 1300 East 7th Avenue, Ybor City. In August, check out their site for all the many avenues where you can walk out the passions in your heart. You can start following @For_NoMore now.

Some of our friends have been asking about the coffee fundraiser we're doing. So, I should probably give some detail on the AMAZING coffees you can enjoy, all the while helping us nickel and dime our way to China, right? Yes, I should. Rob Webb of Just Love Coffee is an adoptive parent who supports an orphanage in Ethiopia through the sales of his small-farm, fresh-roasted, certified Fair Trade coffee beans. He's opened up his expert procurement and roasting to other adoptive families in order to further support adoption all over the world. When you order a lb. of this delicious coffee, $5 goes towards our own China adoption. This adds up and makes a big difference. Is the coffee good? In my opinion, it should be sold for least $5-$10 more than it retails. It's up there with the highest quality, independent coffee companies. Rob Webb roasts your beans right before they ship, meaning the bloom in your french press is HUGE! The aroma is delightful and robust. Just Love Coffee doesn't use computer-set roast levels. They use their 5 senses and years of experience to capture the perfect flavor of each rare bean. Yes, this is mighty good coffee. J is a fan, as you can see.

Whenever the mountains between us and China appear far too high to climb, we look into the eyes of J and remember all of the miracles our Father creates, constantly, over and over. He causes to be. Let's pour a cup and celebrate that fact together.


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  1. I believe the Kents are the awesome people behind No More! I knew them from my days at Grace Family and they lived in Iowa for a bit as well, Jaimie and Tami were so amazing to me! Love them and happy to hear you guys are on board together!!!
    a million x's and o's