Thursday, September 23, 2010

Virus, you go sit in the corner or go home!

So my sweet, happy, baby boy was infected by a very, very mean and evil virus called "theparentswon'tsleepforweek" virus. It was awful. He wouldn't take liquids. We spent Monday night at the pediatrician and Tuesday at the ER.....and my usually sweet boy screamed so much he started losing his voice.

So when I was told by the pediatrician to take my son to the ER, I wish I was the model of a cool mom. I was not. I started to cry and panic. I called a close friend of mine who is also my son's godmother and told her I had to go to the ER and she started to cry and couldn't even speak. She sent me a text apologizing saying she was not the one to call in these kind of situations. But honestly, her crying stopped my crying. I was relieved to have someone else just as worried and it made me even more grateful she is J's godmother, because I know she loves him so much. I was able to gain a little composure then.....of course all was lost at the hospital when my son was hooked up to an IV and all the other wires and such. He could not be comforted and my husband and I felt utterly helpless.

This was just a virus and I remember thinking..."How on earth do those mothers of terminally ill children do this?" I have nothing but total awe at their strength and beg God to spare me from that.

He is nearly back to normal....just a really gross, stuffy nose and J and I battle cleaning it out multiple times a day. Sometimes he wins.

But he seems to be smiling and laughing even more now and today has been either trying to kiss me or chew on me. He doesn't try to bite down, so I'm going to claim it as kisses.

I know kids get sick and it's something I can not escape. But hopefully that virus doesn't make a visit back to our house for a very, very long time.

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