Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Room for One More"

Libby, my beautiful wife, is celebrating her birthday and I wanted to leave a short note about what makes her so special and amazing. Our children get a chance to see her heart in action every single day.  I'm so grateful to witness her motherhood. This is something her heart was waiting to express for so many years. God has been faithful and gracious, and Libby honors that gift.

A while back, we watched a terrifically, funny film that Cary Grant & Betsy Drake made in 1952 called Room for One More. Betsy (as "Anna") cares for and inspires her husband and children to expand their hearts time and time again. It's her heart that quietly motivates her family to think beyond itself, to live selflessly, to set another chair at the table. Libby shares Anna's heart.

As our family grows and experiences the joys and hardships of attachment and connection, Libby shares her heart with other families, always seeking to encourage and lift up other people on the journey. She listens to the hurts around her and prays for God's kingdom to show up in big ways in the lives and relationships she encounters. Libby makes things of beauty out of nearly nothing. In short: she's a gifted wife and mother, a true friend & a genuinely creative leader.

Eugene Peterson posed this question in the preface of his book Where Your Treasure Is. "What unselfing are you aware of that you are engaged in?" When I reflect on that, my eyes are drawn to the daily, practical examples my beautiful wife sets. I look to her selfless heart and I am motivated.

Happy birthday, Libby.

I love you,

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